2nd International Conference of Molecular Engineering of Polymers


Sep 20th-23rd, 2018, Shanghai, China

Young Scientists Forum

Chunyu Chang (常春雨)

Affiliation: Wuhan University
Lecture Title:
Tough Hydrogels From Cellulose
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Weiping Gao (高卫平)

Affiliation: Tsinghua University
Lecture Title: Site-specific protein-polymer bioconjugates
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Maling Gou (苟马玲)

Affiliation: Sichuan University
Lecture Title: 3D printing based on DLP techniques for medical applications
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Xingkun Man (满兴坤)

Affiliation: Beihang University
Lecture Title: Vapor-Induced Motion of Liquid Droplets
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Ja-Hyoung Ryu

Affiliation: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Lecture Title: Mitochondria localization-induced (supramolecular) polymerization for new cancer therapy
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Myungeun Seo

Affiliation: Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Lecture Title: Nanostructured Polymeric Materials by Polymerization-induced Microphase Separation
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Dewen Sun (孙德文)

Affiliation: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Lecture Title: Process-accessible states of block copolymers
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Takaya Terashima

Affiliation: Kyoto University
Lecture Title: Self-sorting of amphiphilic polymers in water
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Rui Wang (王睿)

Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lecture Title: Classical Challenges in Physical Chemistry of Polymer Networks and Design of New Materials
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Si Wu (吴思)

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Lecture Title: Photoswitching of Tg of azopolymers induces reversible solid-to-liquid transitions
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Jiangtao Jason Xu (徐江涛)

Affiliation: University of New Southern Wales
Lecture Title: Precise control of polymer sequence and stereoregularity through sequential single unit monomer insertion
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Peng Yang (杨鹏)

Affiliation: Shaanxi Normal University
Lecture Title: Tuning Protein Assembly Pathways through Superfast Amyloidlike Aggregation
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Xin Zhao (赵昕)

Affiliation: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Lecture Title: Photocrosslinkable Gelatin for Translational Regenerative Medicine: manipulating interactions between cells and scaffolds
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Yuanjin Zhao (赵远锦)

Affiliation: Southeast University
Lecture Title: Microfluidic generation of biomaterials for organs-on-chips
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