2nd International Conference of Molecular Engineering of Polymers


Sep 20th-23rd, 2018, Shanghai, China

Session 2: Commodity Polymers & Polymer Physics

Pieter Lemstra

Affiliation: PlemPolco BV(The Netherlands); Jiangnan University (Wuxi)
Lecture Title: Developments in processing (ultra-high-molecular weight ) polyethylenes

Mukerrem Cakmak

Affiliation: Purdue University
Lecture Title: Extensive measurement of polymer process
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Ulrich Wiesner

Affiliation: Cornell University
Lecture Title: Novel materials synthesis: self-assembly of soft polymeric materials with the functionality of solid-state materials
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Jinliang Qiao (乔金樑)

Affiliation: SINOPEC Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute
Lecture Title: Progress and expectation of polyolefin in China
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Costantino Creton

Affiliation: ESPCI ParisTech
Lecture Title: Molecular insight in the fracture mechanisms of soft networks
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Kostas Ch. Daoulas

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Lecture Title: Top-down estimation of Maier-Saupe parameters in nematic conjugated polymers
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Jin Kon Kim

Affiliation: Pohang University of Science and Technology
Lecture Title: Unconventional Microdomains of  Block Copolymers
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Sanat K. Kumar

Affiliation: Columbia University
Lecture Title: Gas Separation Membranes from Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles
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Liangbin Li (李良彬)

Affiliation: University of Science and Technology of China
Lecture Title: Monitoring of polymer processing assisted by synchrotron radiation
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Debashish Mukherji

Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Lecture Title: Polymers and alcohol: The story of puzzling solvation behavior
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Robert Riggleman

Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
Lecture Title: Predicting the Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles in Polymer Nanocomposites
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Friederike Schmid

Affiliation: University of Mainz
Lecture Title: Why 'bad' is 'good': Polydispersity effects on polymeric nanostructures
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Zhaoyan Sun (孙昭艳)

Affiliation: Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lecture Title: Slow dynamics of supercooled polymer melts
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Peter Virnau

Affiliation: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Lecture Title: Knots in polymers
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Zuowei Wang(王作维)

Affiliation: University of Reading
Lecture Title: Dynamics and Rheology of Supramolecular Polymer Networks
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Hiroshi Watanabe

Affiliation: Kyoto University
Lecture Title: Extensional Rheology of Polymers
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Liqun Zhang (张立群)

Affiliation: Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Lecture Title: Fabrication of High-Performance Rubber
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